ASAS Expo, Conferences and Awards, is a month-long international security and safety event that brings together hundreds of local and international companies, regulators, institutions, departments and providers of cyber, maritime, border, aviation, fire safety, finance, defense, homeland security solutions, and puts them in touch with key buyers, government leaders, policymakers, decision-makers, thought leaders and the  media.


ASAS Expo 2020 will open in Accra, Ghana from 1 Nov – 2nd Nov and feature over 140 local and international exhibitors from over 40 countries, among them United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, China, Israel, India, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Singapore, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Tunisia, South Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Switzerland and Czech Republic.  2020 ASAS Expo will feature 44 awards, 20 international CPDs, prime-time radio and TV engagements with ASAS partners and sponsors, product launches, over 5, 000 visitors, and live demonstrations by many of the world’s top security solution providers.


The Africa Security and Safety Awards 2020 (ASAS Awards 2020) offer a major international platform for recognizing individuals and organizations who have played a substantial role in the development of the security and safety sector in Africa. The Awards aim to set a benchmark for excellence, promote stewardship while rewarding innovative ideas which have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of security and safety. The 2020 ASAS Awards will be held under the auspices of the African Union (AU) in Accra on 2nd November, 2020.

ASAS Expo 2019

ASAS Conferences and Knowledge Forums 2020

The month of November will feature conferences and free-entry knowledge forums on among others personal, office and residential security cyber, maritime, border security, aviation, fire safety, financial security, defense and homeland security with live feeds, in partnership with CSDS Africa, sponsors, government regulators, international organizations and exhibitors, and addressed by senior corporate and government officials, policymakers, private sector partners and technical experts.

The month of November was chosen by CSDS and endorsed on 24 January 2019 by the Speaker of Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Prof Aaron Mike Oquaye as Security Awareness Month. Event sponsors, exhibitors, participants, and key targets have a month-long opportunity to be part of expert panel discussions, consumer education seminars, road shows. This year, CSDS Africa will be hosting for the first-time forums on Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Want to Exhibit at Africa Security and Safety Expo and Awards 2020?

Accra – 31 Oct to 2nd Nov 2020

Product Categories

Industrial and Commercial Security

• Analog
• Digital
• Transmission
• Reconnaissance, surveillance, and security
• Access control
• Intrusion detection, theft and burglary detections, alarms
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Smart Homes

• Smart locks and entry/exit management
• Home cameras
• Temperature control, detectors, and automatic watering systems
• Smart gates and parking
• Power switches and dimmers
• WIFI and Bluetooth technology
• Home automation control
• Home monitoring
• Home monitoring rooms
• Lighting systems and energy management
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Information Security

• Internet security / Cyber security
• Network infrastructure security
• Dematerialized computing (or, Cloud Computing)
• Mobile security
• Data and hardware security
• Information system access and entry
• Information management
• Integration systems and Software
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Fire Management and Rescue

• Fire prevention and protection
• Emergency alarms and early warning systems
• Fire-fighting equipment
• Rescue
• Evacuation equipment
• Fire-safety architecture and construction components
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Hygiene and Security

• Individual protection equipment
• Workplace safety (Equipment)
• Occupational health-safety (Equipment)
• Work environment protection
• Technical textiles
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Physical Security

• Portico/gantry and barriers
• Turnstile and parking bollards
• Safety grid and fences
• Door-opening systems
• Roller blinds and related security services
• Window and lock security and related equipment
• Access systems
• Electronic security systems
• Mechanical security systems
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Homeland Security

• Detection / X rays
• Special vehicles
• Aviation security
• Drones
• Electronic systems
• Special forces equipment
• Forensics and Laboratories equipment
• Anti-counterfeiting equipment
• Armory
• Demining or clearance
• Optical equipment
• Clothes
• Logistical support
• Consulting and training
• Specialized books and literature
• Associations, training, and recruitment

Installer’s World

  • Installer

What our stakeholders say About Us

The ASAS Expo 2020 provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to come together to share experiences, celebrate heroes, source technical products and advance the knowledge needed to address pressing security challenges.

Hon. Albert Kan DapaahMinister for National Security (Ghana)

The ASAS Awards 2020 is a commendable international initiative by CSDS Africa. I believe that there should be global recognition for individuals, organizations and even AU member states that have made security and safety on the continent a top priority.

Phillip Heyl, Capt, USCG(Ret)US Maritime Advisor to Africa (United States)

I commend the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies (CSDS) Africa for this bold initiative and pledge the full support of government, parliaments and other institutional partners to make the upcoming event truly successful.

Rt. Hon. Prof. Aaron Mike OquayeSpeaker of Parliament (Ghana)

You can count on the support of the Africa Union Commission for this journey aimed at strengthening the continents peace, security, and safety agenda.

Ambassador Thomas Kwesi QuarteyDeputy Chairperson Africa Union (Ethiopia)